Portfolio management.
Performance reporting.

Photo of advisor speaking with investor on a headset while working with CircleBlack software program.

Choice and flexibility for the rest.

Unifying best-of-breed technologies for a superior advisor experience.

CircleBlack delivers portfolio management and performance reporting, tightly integrated with your choice of best-of-breed technology and custodial feeds, to provide a 360-degree view of an advisor’s book of business.

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CircleBlack is an integrated advisor hub, built on an open platform that’s fast, scalable, and easy to deploy.

Work smarter, not harder

  • Gain a 360-degree view of advisor and client activities
  • Work within a single, powerful interface
  • Build relationships with investor communication tools
  • Integrate a wide array of advisor technology solutions to work more efficiently
  • Customize to fit business and investor needs

Do more, because it has more

  • Best-of-breed technology that works for your business
  • Clear visibility into investments and clients
  • Open platform for easy scaling
  • Fast and easy to deploy
  • Superior Investor app for enhanced client engagement

There’s a CircleBlack solution tailored to your needs.

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Registered Investment Advisors

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