Advisors Now Have Configurable Dashboards, Faster Load Times, More Custom Options and Expanded Widget Capabilities

CircleBlack has launched a major upgrade to its unified best-of-breed wealth management platform to provide advisors with more easily accessible data, new customizable features, and expanded API capabilities for advisors.

The upgrade delivers:

  • Improved interface for more intuitive navigation and viewing
  • Option to customize views at dashboard and household levels
  • New API architecture to accommodate needs of enterprise organizations
  • Reduction of tech debt, allowing for faster implementation of new features and integrations

Advisors and other users can now more easily configure their dashboards to accommodate their specific daily needs, while accessing more data on a single screen, all with fewer clicks, less scrolling and faster load times.

The platform also features a “POV” configuration, which allows users to customize workflows based on their perspective, whether for an advisor who needs household-level data, a manager who needs firm-level data, or a compliance officer who needs only components of accounts subject to regulatory approval.

“What excited us about this upgrade was the inclusion of more client user testing where we allowed current advisor clients to experiment with various components and then built an improved version based on their feedback,” said Sarah Rasmuss, Chief Product Officer at CircleBlack. “They wanted the ability to view more data on one screen, and the option to customize more features—so that’s what we gave them. It’s faster, more logical, more relevant, and highly efficient.”

Additionally, the upgrade grants firms more control over the digital experiences they deliver to their advisors and investors and helps them get digital projects to market faster.

Through a framework of web-based “widgets,” pre-built pages and APIs, digital teams at larger, enterprise organizations can easily plug into only the select functions they need to complement their proprietary solutions.

The platform relies on a modern code base with a ReAct framework and modular code components to increase response times for users. By eliminating tech debt, the firm can now more quickly integrate new technologies and make system upgrades.

“Being a young, agile company, we were able to eliminate most of our tech debt in a matter of months instead of the years it would take some legacy systems,” said Alex Sauickie, President and CEO of CircleBlack. This allows us to take a more modern approach to expanding our offering and delivering the best integrations, enhancements and experience to our clients.”

About CircleBlack

CircleBlack, Inc. provides financial advisors with technology that aggregates data, integrates other financial applications seamlessly, manages data from multiple custodians and delivers actionable intelligence about client portfolios, helping advisors better manage clients’ wealth while growing and deepening advisor-client relationships. CircleBlack provides a leading platform built for the digital age, with a web-based and mobile application that can be taken anywhere and accessed anytime. CircleBlack’s solution leverages proprietary technology that helps sustain the Company’s unique competitive advantages. CircleBlack believes in making wealth management better, for both the investor and the advisor. For more information about CircleBlack, visit