Does Your Wealthtech provide a ‘White Glove’ Experience?

by | Feb 11, 2022

By Jean Michael, VP Relationship Management at CircleBlack

Working in the wealth management industry is highly competitive, making a technology-driven business model necessary for survival. All advisors seek wealthtech solutions that enhance their productivity and save time and money to focus on acquiring more clients and less time managing their business. But, advisors should expect their wealthtech to provide even more, especially regarding the service they receive after the sale. Here are some ways to determine if your advisor technology provider provides the ‘white-glove’ experience you deserve:

Customer service and support address your needs- After the sale, customer service and support should be timely, efficient, and quickly resolve any technology issue you’re experiencing. Remember, the technology is worthless if support requests do not get resolved and it does not work as promised.

“Your support is a differentiating factor, and I want to acknowledge how much we appreciate it.”  -Independent Investment Advisory Firm, TX

Compatibility– Open API integrations and interoperability are crucial to making new WealthTech work with your current system as each works together as one streamlined platform. If the technology does not work with what you already have, there is no reason to continue using and paying for it.

“Our ‘all-in-one’ package didn’t really work for us once we started bringing in outside tools. We needed a central hub that worked how ‘we’ work and simplified our workflow. CircleBlack solved for this by seamlessly bringing together the solutions we were using in a nice-looking, modern interface. The integration was simple, click and done. We wanted a central “hub” and we found it in CircleBlack.” – Investment Advisor, PA

User-friendly interface– From set up to onboarding help with a designated support person, your wealthtech delivers a white glove experience if it was easy to learn and the provider supports you throughout the entire process.

“I like the way the dashboard looks & functions – it is visually appealing and simple to use.” -CircleBlack client, Independent Broker/Dealer

Defining success together- When your software provider creates your plan for implementation, usage, and what success will look like, be assured your provider aims to solve a real business problem. Helping to define what you want your ongoing success to look like clarifies to the provider how they can help you, as platforms often have multiple use cases.

Enhancements and integrations– If your wealthtech provider makes continuous improvements to their platform along with new integrations through cross-partnerships, they are validating their commitment to providing white-glove service by listening to your requests.

Benefits everyone- Any investment in wealthtech must enhance the advisory relationship and deliver effective services to clients. The more successful the advisor who uses the software is, the more successful the wealthtech’s business will be. A white glove experience keeps that idea in mind- everyone is in this together.  

“Thank you so much, their accounts look perfect. I really appreciate all that you do, it has been great to work with you! You are always so fast and helpful!” CircleBlack Advisor Client

Credibility- The technology was developed by industry pioneers that understand your needs and desires in using the software. Whether the provider is newly formed or been around for years, the management team has experienced individuals. Interviews from current users also provide insight into their positive experience with the provider.

Clients deserve a white-glove experience working with their advisor, and advisors should expect the same from their wealthtech provider. Personal relationships and experiences are the key differentiators in the role that technology plays in advisor success when technology companies focus on the right mix of advisor needs and wants.

Jean Michael is a Vice President, Relationship Manager working with our clients, throughout their relationship with CircleBlack, acting as an advocate and champion for our clients, and being their voice within the CircleBlack organization.