for Aggregators/TAMPs

CircleBlack is the right choice for Aggregators and TAMPs who want to provide the best software for their RIA partners. It has the features that advisors want most, while making it easier for them to work with their clients. CircleBlack sets you apart from other firms and gives advisors a powerful reason to work with you.


The technology for TAMPs and Aggregators, we don’t compete with you, we support you.

Freedom to Choose

We integrate with more technologies, so you can design your tech stack any way you want. Offer the same solution to all advisors, or let them choose their own.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Gain deeper insights and greater command over client portfolios.

Better Communications

CircleBlack improves communication and transparency between advisors and their clients.

Fast Implementation

CircleBlack solutions get up and running quickly, so you get value right away.

Improved Workflow

Our platform brings all the best-of-breed software into one secure, single sign-on access environment.

Flexible IT Options

CircleBlack is an agile company built on the newest technology, so you’ll always be up to date with the latest capabilities.

CircleBlack for Custodians, TAMPs, and RIA Aggregators


Deliver the technology Advisors are looking for. Partner with CircleBlack for a best-in-class Advisor experience.