CircleBlack for Custodians

When you give your advisors and correspondents CircleBlack, you set them and your firm apart from the competition. Advisors can work with clients transparently and professionally, and are able to offer the best advice thanks to our 360-view of client wealth. CircleBlack is a superior digital experience for advisors and clients—and a good business decision for Custodians.


A superior digital experience for advisors and clients.

Cost-Effective Strategies

You choose the technologies you work with, so you don’t pay for features that aren’t needed.

Flexible IT Options

We integrate with more technologies and applications, so you can have a solution that fits your strategy.

Fast Implementation

CircleBlack solutions get up and running quickly, so you can realize value right away.

Private Labeling

Build customer loyalty by privately labeling our platform under your brand.

Better Communications

Our Investor app and portal improve communication and transparency between advisors and their clients.

Deeper Insights

Advisors have a 360-degree view of client wealth, so they can make decisions with confidence.

Partnering with CircleBlack lets you offer the modern technology suite that works for the digital age.  Enhance your brand and attract the best teams with a best-in-class technology solution.