CircleBlack for Registered Investment Advisors

CircleBlack gives you the tools you need to compete at the highest levels. With one centralized hub for all your activities, you can work more productively, manage clients and portfolios more effectively, and engage with clients in a highly professional way that builds trust and helps grow your business.


It’s the advisor software to choose when you want everything.

Improved Competitiveness

Compete with large firms and show the value you bring to the client by accessing superior client engagement tools.

Better Client Experiences

Use our sophisticated mobile app and client portal to build relationships and trust with your clients by delivering transparency and access, in a way the client wants to consume it.

Freedom to Choose

We offer integration with multiple technologies, so you can have a tech stack that works for you and your business.

Faster Business Growth

A streamlined workflow lets you focus more on building long-lasting client relationships.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Gather deeper insights into client assets, and make moves with confidence.

From a central access portal, you pick and choose the technologies and applications you want. CircleBlack combines multiple feeds from custodians, direct holdings, and held-away accounts, creating a centralized hub that provides a complete, 360-degree view of client wealth, customized for you.