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The unified platform for all advisor activities.

CircleBlack is a centralized hub that consolidates data from multiple sources and integrates a wide range of best-of-breed applications. It’s all presented in an elegantly designed interface that streamlines workflows and improves decision-making, eliminating the need to switch between multiple applications. The modern architecture allows the platform to work on any device and deliver the flexibility that lets you build the tech stack you want, without being locked into one approach or technology.

With CircleBlack, the choice is yours.

Analyze, Report, Manage & Engage
See how much you can do with one powerful interface.


Easily view and analyze multiple accounts across multiple custodians. Monitor an overview of your entire book and drill down into Accounts, Households and Client specifics. Quickly see and assess Allocations, Balances, Performance, Exposures and more, over multiple time periods, on all sectors and assets, including held-away accounts. Monitor portfolio risk assessment and financial planning goal-tracking, tightly integrated into the account overview. Take action with proactive alerts that tell you when a portfolio or task for a client needs to be addressed.


Deliver the answer to investors’ biggest question, “How is my portfolio doing?” Provide an array of Performance, Holding, Balance, and Exposure reports to facilitate communications with clients. Customize the data presented to deliver the information most relevant to your clients, in a form that’s easy to understand and digest.


Manage prospects, clients, households and accounts by researching, analyzing and planning for the best opportunities and strategies.  Enhance the client/advisor relationship by optimizing clients’ returns, risk exposure and diversification as part of a tactical and long-term goal-based plan and investment strategy.

Make decisions and act by tracking drift, re-balancing accounts, and activating trades as needed. Develop and implement your own models or browse the model marketplace to apply models to accounts from a variety of well-known asset managers. Monitor and adjust plans as investors’ situations evolve.


Stay in the forefront of your clients’ financial life. Provide transparency and access to portfolio information with CircleBlack’s digital client portal and investor app, delivering the insight investors are looking for, anytime and anyplace, on the device that’s most convenient for them.

Deliver and receive important documents via a secure document vault, facilitating communication between client and advisor.

Reach out to clients by delivering targeted content, based on their portfolios, keeping clients up to date on relevant information and deepening your client/advisor relationship.

Easily bill and invoice clients based on your firm’s requirements and billing cycles.

Strengthen client relationships, improve team’s collaboration efforts, or engage in business-building activities by syncing all client activity with your CRM.

Photo of CircleBlack software on various devices including table, phone, desktop computer and laptop computer.
Conceptual photo of a man selecting which CRM, Financial Planning, Risk Analytics products to integrate with CircleBlack

What is CircleBlack?


CircleBlack is a unified hub that lets advisors view and manage all their activities in one seamless application, on any device.

CircleBlack is an IT strategy, allowing individual advisors and firms to have exactly the tech stack they need, and only what they need, without being locked into anything.

CircleBlack is a recruitment tool for attracting financial advisors, who would rather work in one elegant interface than several clunky ones.

CircleBlack is a client-building tool, with a digital client app that encourages two-way communication and builds loyalty.

CircleBlack is an investment that pays rapid dividends by providing advisors with a 360-degree view of client wealth and the ability to take timely, informed action.